Xindice Tutorial

This is a walk through of the YaNaM integration with Xindice.
For more information about the project and its direction please go here.


  1. You need to have the JDK 1.4.2 from Sun before you can start.
    So far this app is only tested on Linux so it may or may not run on Windows or another OS.
  2. Install Install the latest version of Xindice.
    It is beyond the scope of this tutorial to go into further detail on this.
    But I would recommend Tomcat
  3. Untar the yanam.X.tar.gz with the command :
    tar xvzf yanam.X.tar.gz
  4. Change to the config directory with the command :
    cd yanam/config
  5. Edit the server line of the type xindice with the location of your server.
    On a default Tomcat/Xindice install this should look like:
    <server type="xindice" location="http://localhost:8080/xindice-1.1b1" />
  6. Run the app with the command :
    java -jar yanam.jar
  7. You should now have the screen below
  8. In the XML tab type the following :
  9. Right Click on the db node and select New Collection.
  10. Enter a new name I will use newcollection.
  11. Select the newcollection node in the tree.
  12. Press the   button.
  13. You will be prompted for the location of where you want to save the currently selected tab.
    In this instance accept the default.
  14. The document will be given the same name as the Title of the editor.
  15. Now right click on the newcollection node and select query.
  16. Enter /root into the input box and press OK.
  17. The xml tab content should be replaced with the results of the XPath query to the XML:DB as shown below.

  18. Well done you now have a front end for Xindice.

Last Updated 19/09/2003